Neuigkeiten rund um KERN-LIEBERS.

Bipolar Plate Cooperation Project

Close Cooperation with TRUMPF Lasertechnik and KERN-LIEBERS Group


It´s exciting to see how easy it is for the TRUMPF TruFiber lasers to perfectly weld the KERN-LIEBERS Group bipolar plate demonstrator on our clamping fixture. Know-How at its peak!

KERN-LIBERES participated in the project with 

  • FEM & forming simulation
  • Design and construction  
    • stamping and forming tool
    • clamping fixture for laserwelding 
    • Fineblanking of the metal bipolar plate 
    • Parts cleaning 
    • 100% leakage test after laserwelding 

    Trumpf  participated in the project with 

    • Full equipment and machinery for Laserwelding 


    • Support in design for welding application



Quelle: TRUMPF Group

rendering bipolar plate