Neuigkeiten rund um KERN-LIEBERS.

Anniversary in China

30 years KERN-LIEBERS in Taicang


Sunny, warm weather - perfect for our event,

to which we had invited almost 300 guests.

Our guests consisted of suppliers, customers, partners and officials from the city of Taicang.  We were particularly pleased to welcome Mr. Christoph Drosten, shareholder and board member of the KERN-LIEBERS Group.  Mr. Wang Xiangyuan, Secretary of the Taicang Municipal Party Committee, was also among the guests of honor.

Various awards were presented during the ceremony, including a special recognition for Mr. Wengxue Geng, our production manager for strip springs.  He has been with us since the first day of KERN-LIEBERS Taicang.

In his speech, Dr. Erek Speckert, CEO of the KERN-LIEBERS Group, emphasized the outstanding cooperation between KERN-LIEBERS and the city of Taicang over the past 30 years.   The KERN-LIEBERS Group has never seen KERN-LIEBERS China only as a low-cost and export location, but has developed it as its own market.  As a result, Taicang has become a second home for KERN-LIEBERS.

An impressive performance by KERN-LIEBERS employees turned the celebrations into an unforgettable event.