Neuigkeiten rund um KERN-LIEBERS.

KERN-LIEBERS plans acquisition of Schnöring GmbH

The Schnöring GmbH becomes member of the globally operating KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies


KERN-LIEBERS intends to acquire all shares of the Schnöring GmbH situated in Schalksmühle (South of Hagen), subject to anti-trust auditing and the creditors’ approval. The Schnöring GmbH will thus become a member of our globally operating Group of Companies.

Schnöring was established in 1926 in Schalksmühle as a producer of spiral springs. Today, the company produces technical springs, wire and stamped-bent parts, as well as complex assemblies. The companies’ clients are mainly from the electronics and automotive supplier industries, as well as from the branches of furniture fittings, white goods and medical technology. The about 190 employees at Schalksmühle generate a total revenue of 28.5 mio. EUR per year. The high know-how of the employees, the company’s own tool construction and manufacture, as well as state-of-the art machinery are the foundation for solving and producing customer-specific products.

The take-over by the KERN-LIEBERS Group allows Schnöring to make use of international growth opportunities and open up new markets. At the same time, existing jobs and the company’s headquarters will be kept as a solid basis for future growth. 

„Due to its size and financial power KERN-LIEBERS offers us opportunities we would not have had alone“ Axel Schnöring happily announces. He will continue to lead the company as managing director.

For KERN-LIEBERS the acquisition of the Schnöring GmbH means an addition to the business units of wire springs and stamped-bent-parts.

„By acquiring the shares of Schnöring we extend our product and client portfolio especially in the non-automotive sector, and create additional growth potential for our group“, confirms Dr. Udo Schnell, Head of the KERN-LIEBERS management board.

The Schnöring building in Schalksmühle