What we offer

Enthusiasm. For precision. For you. For KERN-LIEBERS.

What we offer

We are not just anybody.

KERN-LIEBERS is a global market leader.
A leader in the fields of high-tech springs, fineblanked/stamped parts,
micro-technology and elements for textile machines. We have major customers in the automotive, consumer goods,
textile machinery and electronics industries.
Our employees cultivate the global transfer of knowledge.


Varied activities

As an international company, we can offer you a wide range of exciting roles in all areas of the company.

Fair remuneration with additional benefits

Our remuneration packages in line with market trends and performance. You will also enjoy attractive additional benefits during your training.

Flexible working hours

The balance between work and leisure time is important to us. That's why we offer flexible working hours to respond to your personal needs. You have many different options to choose from.

Work in teams

For us, teamwork is essential. In both your everyday work and in project work, you can connect with colleagues and experts and contribute your own ideas.

Work-life balance

With flexible working hours, you can arrange your working hours freely around the core hours. Our employees' children are important to us too.

Ongoing training and development opportunities

We ensure that you are well prepared for your exams – with various training courses and qualified additional tuition.

International environment

With over 40 locations and more than 54 companies around the world, we're a global player, and you feel it in everyday working life at KERN-LIEBERS. We regularly send our German employees to our facilities abroad, and we also regularly play host to our international colleagues in Germany.

Social commitment

Support for social projects is particularly important to us. In addition to donation campaigns, we also maintain long-lasting cooperation with associations.

Over 125 years of Tradition

Production company for more than 125 years. Training company for more than 50 years.

Attachment to the region

We have a strong sense of attachment to the region around Schramberg and place great value on regional distinctions. Our subsidiaries also have strong bonds of affinity with their region, country and people.