Management Organization

KERN-LIEBERS – well positioned, responsibly managed.

Management Board

The KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies is managed by four Managing Directors with overall responsibility. The single functional responsibilities are shared amongst the Managing Directors as stated in the company by-laws.

Management Organization

KERN-LIEBERS is a family company owned by two individual families. The shareholders assume a control and advisory function via a supervisory board, which is formed by shareholders and external persons. 


The divisional Management Model of the KERN-LIEBERS Group consists of a 4-member Management Board​ with CEO, CFO and 2 Heads of Division, who have overall responsibility for the company:​ The functional responsibilities are divided among the Managing Directors in the rules of procedure.



and interim Head of Division​ Wire Springs
and Plastic Metal Composite Parts


Dr. E. Speckert






A. Tobert


Head of Division
Stamped-Bent Parts, Strip Springs



J. Brielmaier


Head of Division
Stamped Parts



N. Fleck

Textile as a separate area is directly linked to the Management Board


The Managing Directors of the operating legal entities are assigned to the respective division. In the case of mixed plants working for different divisions, the companies report to mandated Heads of Division in the KERN-LIEBERS Management Board.

Drahtfedern und Spezialdrähte

Wire Springs and
Plastic Metal Composite

  • Carl Haas GmbH
  • Bohnert GmbH
  • Bruker-Spaleck GmbH
  • Meder GmbH
  • PSM Protech GmbH
  • Schweizer GmbH
  • Thüringer GmbH
  • Kern-Liebers, Italy
  • Kern-Liebers, Romania
  • King, Czech Rebuplic
  • PSM Protech, Hungarica
  • Brand Kern-Liebers, China and Mexiko
  • Kern-Liebers Pieron, China and Mexiko
  • Michigan Spring & Stamping China and USA
Stanzbiegeteile und schwere Federn

Stamped-Bent Parts 
Strip Springs

  • Kern-Liebers, Poland
  • Kern-Liebers, Romania
  • Kern-Liebers, Russia
  • Kern-Liebers, Thailand
  • Kern-Liebers, United Kingdom
  • D-Metal Tianjin, China
  • Kern-Liebers, Korea
  • Kern-Liebers, USA
  • Resortes Kern-Liebers, Mexico
Trieb- und Rollfedern

Stamped Parts

  • Saxonia Umformtechnik GmbH
Feinschneid- / Stanzteile


  • Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbH
  • Bay. Nadelleistenfabrik GmbH
  • Saxonia Textile Parts GmbH
  • Sächs. Nadel- und Platinen-fabriken GmbH
  • Haase & Kühn, Portugal
  • Kern-Liebers Textile, China
  • Saxonia, Malaysia
  • Kern-Liebers Textile, USA


  • Kern-Liebers Schramberg
  • Kern-Liebers Czech Republic
  • Kern-Liebers Ohio USA
  • Kern-Liebers Texas USA
  • Kern-Liebers, Mexico


  • Kern-Liebers India
  • Kern-Liebers Taicang, China
  • Kern-Liebers Tianjin, China
  • Kern-Liebers Japan