Management Organization

KERN-LIEBERS – well positioned, responsibly managed.

Board of Management

The KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies is managed by three Managing Directors with overall responsibility. The single functional responsibilities are shared amongst the Managing Directors as stated in the company by-laws.

Management Organization

KERN-LIEBERS is a family company owned by two individual families. The shareholders assume a control and advisory function via a supervisory board, which is formed by shareholders and external persons. 


The divisional Management Model of the KERN-LIEBERS Group consists of a 3-member Management Board​ with CEO, CTO and CFO, who have overall responsibility for the company:​ The functional responsibilities are divided among the Managing Directors in the rules of procedure.



President & CEO



Dr. E. Speckert





Dr.-Ing. W. Gref





U. v. Reinersdorff


The KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies is structured in six diivision.

Plastic Metal Composite Division

Stamped Bent Parts Division

Stamping Division

Strip Springs Division

Textile Division

Wire Springs Division

Drahtfedern und Spezialdrähte
Stanzbiegeteile und schwere Federn
Trieb- und Rollfedern
Feinschneid- / Stanzteile