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KERN-LIEBERS confirmed as Premium Supplier of Schaeffler/Continental

On the third Premium Supplier Day hosted by Schaeffler/Continental on 17 November 2015 in Herzogenaurach, KERN-LIEBERS was awarded the title of Premium Supplier alongside 38 other companies.


Since the establishment of the Premium Supplier Circle in 2011, KERN-LIEBERS has been continuously positioned as an important strategic supplier of Schaeffler/Continental.

The sustainable and long-term strategic partnership between Schaeffler/Continental and KERN-LIEBERS is based on the global positioning of KERN-LIEBERS, on our wide range of products in the field of technically sophisticated springs, stamped parts and stamped-bent parts, on our high level of quality, and on the company's capacity and willingness to innovate.

Continental Schaeffler Premium Supplier Nomination