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"starter" job fair in Rottweil, Germany, on 4 and 5 July

This year, KERN-LIEBERS has again participated with great success in the "starter" job and education fair.


This year, KERN-LIEBERS has again participated with great success in the "starter" job and education fair in the town of Rottweil, Germany, providing many students with information about internships, apprenticeships and German "dual studies" degree courses. With more than 90 exhibitors, "starter" has "established itself as the leading trade fair for jobs and education in the Rottweil region, informing young people about educational opportunities, and supporting companies in industry, trade, and services in the search for young talent," according to Rottweil mayor Ralf Broß.

Mr Andreas Bitzer, head of commercial and technical training, is delighted with the level of interest shown by students, and was also pleased with the lively participation in the "professions course", which took place in 2014 for the first time in Rottweil in collaboration with the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The mini-internships went down very well with the high school students in particular, but the Kern-Liebers trainees were also happy to take the opportunity to give an account of their professions and responsibilities. In both the industrial-technical and commercial areas, the people manning the stand were pleased to provide detailed answers to the numerous questions they fielded. The trainees in particular were able to explain their experiences and working practices in detail to the visitors, arousing interest in training at KERN-LIEBERS. The parents in attendance also showed enthusiasm about the fascinating reports and information presented by our trainees.

In keeping with this year's World Cup, the training team had a professional soccer table integrated into the stand to highlight the fact that beyond the comprehensive information and numerous practical examples showing how our training course work, Kern-Liebers is about more than just run-of-the-mill work. "We want to arouse enthusiasm among the students, not just for our professional training, but also for our products and the company as a whole", said Teresa Gaulke, head of commercial training. "That's why we always look forward to receiving applications from motivated students who enjoy working with technology and who like to take on challenges. Even when the going gets a little hectic, there's still got to be room for some fun." And speaking of fun, our competition did indeed attract many visitors to the stand. The lucky winners will be drawn in the next few days.

"Since we are again looking to take on almost 30 technical trainees in the training workshop when courses start in fall 2015, it's not too early to post or e-mail applications to us now" says Bitzer. "After the fair, our team is of course also happy to answer any questions you may still have."