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KERN-LIEBERS press release - business report

Encouraging growth, particularly in the regions of Asia and North America.


The business development of the Kern-Liebers group of companies to the end of fiscal year 2013/2014 in June was characterized by satisfactory growth overall. Group turnover for fiscal year 2013/14 was 576 million euros, approximately 4.5% up on the previous year (551 million euros). All business units within the group contributed to the result with positive growth rates.

Performance varied from region to region: while turnover gained strongly in the regions of Asia (+13%) and North America (+10%), turnover in Germany remained at the previous year's level. In other European countries, increases in turnover of 5% were achieved.

Although a moderate increase in economic expansion can be expected from the economic indicators, there is currently little momentum in the development of the global economy.

The business prospects for Kern-Liebers in the coming financial year 2014/15 are considered by the company's management to be "promising" for the North America and Asia regions and "cautiously optimistic" for the European region. From a group perspective, management anticipates an overall continuation of this growth trend in the new fiscal year, although it will be less apparent in Germany.

Numerous construction projects in China, India and Mexico allow increased capacities that should ensure that forecast group turnover can be achieved.

The number of people employed by the group rose by about 360 to 6,575 in the past fiscal year. At company headquarters in Schramberg-Sulgen, the number of employees remained almost constant at around 1,320.
At Kern-Liebers, we have traditionally placed a high value on training: in fiscal year 2013/14, 26 trainees at the Schramberg location alone passed their final examinations. All of these trainees have been offered employment at the plant or with subsidiaries. In September 2014, 44 young people will begin their training or studies at Kern-Liebers in Schramberg, giving a total of 125 young people in training at Kern-Liebers in Schramberg.

In September, the new Oberreute daycare center in Schramberg-Sulgen opens its doors as a modern, all-day childcare facility. Kern-Liebers is providing funding both for its construction and running costs, thereby promoting the attractiveness of the location and making a contribution in the area of social responsibility.

To improve energy efficiency at the Schramberg location, a combined heat and power station with an electrical output of 637 kW and a thermal output of 756 kW has come on stream in the past few days. In addition to providing power savings, it also uses waste heat for heating and hot water requirements and ensure the general replacement power supply.