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Eberle Rieden GmbH expands - positive signal

Eberle Rieden GmbH expands – positive signal towards growth and securing jobs in our region.


Rieden am Forggensee, July 1, 2013: The KERN-LIEBERS group of companies headquartered in Schramberg extends its competence center for stamped and bent parts at Rieden am Forggensee, that was built in 2008. This shows the long-term commitment of the internationally successful group to the employees and the management of Eberle Rieden GmbH. It is planned to complete the second construction section until mid-2014 with an additional 5,000 m2 for its logistic and production. Additional offices and social amenities rooms will provide ideal conditions for further growth.

Eberle Rieden GmbH with its 150 employees is a leading expert in stamping and bending. Innovative machines are producing parts for the automotive, furniture and electronic industries. Eberle Rieden GmbH benefits from the capabilities of the internationally successful KERN-LIEBERS group with its over 6,000 employees on 50 sites.

New projects for famous customers like BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and Audi were essential for the decision to expand the site. It is planned to invest into this ambitious development and production facility more than 10 million Euros over the next 3 years into new buildings, technologies and machines.

The ground-breaking ceremony happened on July 3, 2013 and gave the official go-ahead for this planned extension building.

The participants to the ground-breaking ceremony were:

  • Johann Fleschhut, District administrator Landkreis Ostallgäu
  • Max Streif, Major of Rieden am Forggensee
  • Representatives of the local press
  • Josef Schwuger, CTO of the KERN-LIEBERS group
  • Jürgen Brielmaier, Managing Director of the EBERLE Business Unit
  • Gerhard Schöll, Managing Director of Eberle Rieden GmbH
  • Executives of Eberle Rieden GmbH
  • Architect Peer Gollnick, representatives of the Dobler Concult company with the team of planning engineers
  • Representatives of the construction companies