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Introduction of KERN-LIEBERS‘ trainees and students 2016

46 new trainees and students start professional education at KERN-LIEBERS, BOHNERT and CARL HAAS.


In September 2016 altogether 46 new trainees and students started their professional education at KERN-LIEBERS, BOHNERT and CARL HAAS.

To officially welcome them to the group of companies a round of introductions was organized last Thursday, September 22.

Training Manager Andreas Bitzer opened and hosted the event, which took place at the headquarters of the KERN-LIEBERS group in Schramberg-Sulgen.

CEO Dr. Udo Schnell was first to welcome the young people. In a short company presentation he mentioned important milestones in the history of KERN-LIEBERS and talked about the company‘s philosophy.

Next in line were CTO Dirk Heers and CFO Klaus Scheuble, followed by the directors of the single business units, the plant manager, as well as the workers‘ council. They all welcomed the newcomers and wished them a successful start.

Last but not least, it was the trainees’ turn to introduce themselves. 42 of the 46 trainees (technical and commercial) and students (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) started their professional career at KERN-LIEBERS, three at CARL HAAS and one at BOHNERT.

At the end of the event a group picture with all trainees and managers was taken.