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JAMS 2016

Visitors congratulate KERN LIEBERS to the new booth presentation


KERN-LIEBERS presented this year at JAMS (a local education fair) the newly designed booth for the very first time

Numerous visitors took the opportunity to find extensive information about our professional training and dual course studies, which are offered at KERN-LIEBERS and its affiliates in the region, CARL HAAS, BOHNERT and MEDER. Students who successfully participated in the KERN-LIEBERS quiz were happy to receive a small gift produced by our trainees in their workshop and the young visitors heard firsthand information from the trainees of KERN-LIEBERS about the jobs they were looking for and new perspectives were opened to visitors, still hesitating in their job selection.

Many visitors were surprised by the large variety of products manufactured by KERN LIEBERS and to learn about the products’ applications. Others took the opportunity to find even more information about the company and employment on a multimedia touchscreen and tablet PC's.

Visitors and employees were both happy about the modern and contemporary booth and congratulated our training manager, Mr. Bitzer to this successful presentation.