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KERN-LIEBERS trainees attend industrial pedagogy seminar

Trainees and students at KERN-LIEBERS, BOHNERT, CARL HAAS, KURT MEDER and SAXONIA UMFORMTECHNIK attend industrial pedagogy seminar in Weil der Stadt.


From September 5 to 7, 2016, right at the beginning of the new year of professional education, KERN-LIEBERS organized an industrial pedagogy seminar in Weil der Stadt near Stuttgart.

The workshop was attended by the 53 trainees and students starting their professional education at KERN-LIEBERS headquarters in Schramberg, or at its regional subsidiaries BOHNERT GmbH (Hardt), CARL HAAS GmbH (Schramberg), KURT MEDER GmbH (VS-Schwenningen) and SAXONIA UMFORMTECHNIK GmbH (Göppingen). The group was joined by one trainee of the LAUFER GmbH, with which KERN-LIEBERS holds an educational cooperation.

Focus on teamwork

Aim of the three-day seminar was to strengthen the participants’ team-working skills. Furthermore, the young people should get to know each other before starting their individual educational trainings within the KERN-LIEBERS group of companies.

The workshop was led by Mr. Michael Flaig, Ms. Julia Baumeister (both KERN-LIEBERS) and Mr. Toni Gomez (SAXONIA UMFORMTECHNIK GmbH). In discussion rounds and trainings the attendees learned about the crucial factors for well-functioning teamwork, about suitable ways of communication, and the different role allocations that may occur in a Team.

The theoretical part was spiced up with lots of fun activities such as icebreaker and skill games. Split up in groups and „armed“ only with a map and a compass, the attendees for instance did an orienteering race, solving tricky team exercises at various stations along the way.

At the joint barbecue on Tuesday evening the young trainees and students also met KERN-LIEBERS Human Resources Manager Mr. Martin Hofferberth, Training Manager Mr. Andreas Bitzer, Chairman of the Workers’ Council Mr. Fred Zehnder and Member of the Workers’ Council Mr. Josef Fuderer.

A broad range of opportunities for school graduates

Altogether there are 14 different options of educational training for school graduates at KERN-LIEBERS. They can choose between six technical and two commercial trainings, or opt for one of six different study programs at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). The high quality of education is known well beyond company borders and confirmed each year by KERN-LIEBERS graduates reaching top grades in their final exams.