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KERN-LIEBERS Training know how for Portugal

A new training programme for skilled workers abroad


In the more rural areas of Portugal, it became more and more difficult for our companies HAASE & KUEHN and SPIREL to find suitable professionally trained staff. In addition, the German dual system of education is unknown and so KERN-LIEBERS decided to create a special education and promotion program for skilled workers in foreign subsidiaries, which is designed to address the problem of skill shortages at various foreign locations in the long term.

Under the pilot project, KERN-LIEBERS has been training young men from Portugal for several months. The programme includes basic training in the metal sector, a training comparable to an industrial mechanic, but also training in quality assurance, and regular German language classes. Through joint activities with other students and staff from the company, the foreign colleagues quickly and easily became part of the large KERN-LIEBERS family.

Over a period of 1.5 years, the young people are trained 3 x 3 months in our training center in Schramberg. Back to Portugal the knowledge and experience acquired can be transferred immediately into practice. In this way, a solid professional training as to KERN LIEBERS standards is assured, without the young people being torn for too long from their familiar surroundings and family.

After the first homesickness had been overcome, the first block of training passed quickly. Now, at the beginning of the second part of the training, everyone looks forward to meet again with old friends. We wish our Portuguese guests a good stay in Germany and a lot of joy with new tasks waiting for them!