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Trainees present their training places to their parents


At the end of each year of professional education, it is of special importance to the management of KERN-LIEBERS, to invite the parents of our trainees and students for a special parents' evening. The parents should get to know not only the company of her son or daughter, but also their training places, teachers, trainers and managers of the company, as well as their classmates. After the opening and welcome speech by Mr. Andreas Bitzer (Training Manager), Mr. Martin Hofferbert (Human Resources Manager), gave a detailed presentation about the company KERN-LIEBERS and both answered the questions of interested parents. Trainees and students presented their jobs and courses of study and showed that they have not only acquired a lot of technical knowledge, but were also able to boost their personal development. During a guided factory tour, the parents were able to get a full picture of their children’s environment and enjoyed a lovely evening with drinks and snacks in the cafeteria.