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Program of cooperation – Metal department

Friedrich-Ebert-Schule (FES) program of cooperation between apprenticeship learning centers meets at KERN-LIEBERS


Industrial apprenticeship training is one of the foundations for the success of the domestic industrial sector. Responsibility for the quality of training lies with the partners in the dual studies system: apprenticeship training companies and vocational schools.

To maintain and continue to enhance this quality, FES runs a program of cooperation between apprenticeship training companies and the school. Its objective is the continuous exchange of knowledge and skills between the school and companies. As part of this cooperation program, instructors from companies in the metal industry and specialist teachers from FES recently met at KERN-LIEBERS to exchange views on the collective organization of training programs. To kick off, apprenticeship trainee manager Andreas Bitzer introduced representatives of 20 companies and many teachers from FES to his impressive company. This was followed by a review of collective training projects, an exploration of possible ways to prepare for exams and a discussion of changes at the school.
It was generally agreed that the school is an important factor in the attractiveness of the location for domestic industry and that it needs to be further expanded. In this context, principal Ohlmann of FES outlined the plans of the administrative district for the new building, which starts construction in July.

The meeting ended with a tour of KERN-LIEBERS, during which the apprenticeship training measures in place at the company were outlined, as were the future positions of the trainees in production and development.

The program of cooperation between apprenticeship learning centers meets twice a year, alternating between the school and one of the apprenticeship training companies. The direct exchange not only allows teachers and instructors to get to know each other better, but also the instructors among themselves, facilitating the implementation of projects involving the participation of apprenticeship training programs at multiple companies, such as the toolmakers "bottle opener" project, in which the companies KERN-LIEBERS, Schneider Schreibgeräte, Junghans Microtec and Bomo took part.

 Photo and information : Friedrich-Ebert-Schule, Schramberg