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School project with the Leibniz Gymnasium Rottweil

Students and trainees build a wind vane


It has become a tradition for KERN LIEBERS to perform a challenging and addicting long-term project with the Leibniz Gymnasium (Leibniz secondary school) in Rottweil. Such a project is initiated annually for high school students and trainees of KERN-LIEBERS in their 2nd year. This year’s challenge was to build a wind vane which also had to be fully mobile and functional.

The team of KERN-LIEBERS included Marius Woll, Marco Drobina, Krischan Kunz and Daniel Hey and the group of the Leibniz Gymnasium Rottweil consisted of students of the 10th class, Yannick Ettwein, Yanneck Diemer, Fidehles Stehle and Tim Hörmann. While working together at two wind vanes, the students found their pleasure in technology and altogether they learnt about project management and to handle complex work structures in the fields of development, construction and production. As a part of this, many real problems both big and small, have been solved and far-reaching social skills have been acquired.

The project started on January 27, 2016 and it will end on June 28, 2016 when the wind vanes will be presented to public. At the beginning there was an idea – the idea to build a wind vane. But what efforts had to be made until the objects were ready for presentation? Students and trainees had to deal with numerous production operations from design using CAD and machining by CNC milling and grinding machines, thread cutting and powder coating. In between all project phases including cost calculation and cost monitoring, all steps had to be planned and documented carefully. Now, in the last phase of the project, the young team members were trained in presentation skills to present their product during a big venue on the evening of June 28 to their parents, teachers and training managers of participating companies.