Plastic composite parts & multi-contact wipers

Components and contact elements that meet the highest demands.

Multi-contact wipers

Multi-contact wipers are used to slide on conductor tracks in potentiometric applications. Stamped or multi-wire wipers are fitted with injection molded parts into assemblies.

Multi-contact wipers are used as contact elements for the reliable transmission of signals in a wide variety of areas.

The definition of design, the layout of geometry and material in the SE project (simultaneous engineering) and the integration of interdisciplinary processes provide the foundations for the cost-effective manufacture of assemblies. We assemble a wide range of wipers and injection part variants with fully automated assembly lines in high volume production. Integrated 100% inspection of function-critical properties and automated packaging ensure the highest product quality.

  • Assistance with product design and layout in the SE project
  • Interdisciplinary process integration for economic solutions
  • In-house equipment and tool manufacture Fully automated high volume assembly, partly automated limited lot production
  • 100% inspection of critical properties

Practical applications for multi-contact wipers can be found in systems and mechanical engineering, in medical technology, and in the automotive industry, for example in gas pedals or throttle valves.


Product group: Multi-contact wipers

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