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Technical training


It’s not only our products that impress with their unique precision. Every detail of our training program is also right too. In our perfectly equipped training workshops, you will learn everything about the production of complex metal parts and working with sophisticated and highly-developed technology. We encourage independent work practices in our courses and offer you many opportunities to acquire additional qualifications.

Latest technical training courses

Berufliche Schulen Schramberg (Sulgen)

Berufliche Schulen Schramberg (Sulgen)

Kerschensteiner Schule, Stuttgart (Feuerbach)

Berufliche Schulen Schramberg (Sulgen)

Erich-Hauser-Schule, Rottweil

Robert-Gleichauf-Schule, Oberndorf

Contact technical training:

Andreas Bitzer
Head of Training
Phone: +49 (0) 7422 . 511 -676


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