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The start into career at KERN-LIEBERS

Altogether 50 trainees and students are ready to take their first steps in their career at KERN-LIEBERS in Schramberg.


„We live technology“ – for about four weeks now the slogan of KERN-LIEBERS is also the motto of the
50 young people who start their professional education directly at KERN-LIEBERS in Schramberg (45), at the subsidiaries CARL HAAS (3) and BOHNERT (2). On 4 September 2018 they were officially welcomed.

The event was opened by training manager Andreas Bitzer, who welcomed the newcomers to the KERN-LIEBERS family. Dr. Udo Schnell, president and CEO of the KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies, CBDO Hannes Steim, Martin Hofferberth as HR manager, the trainer team as well as the workers’ council was next to welcome the new trainees and students. In a short presentation Dr. Udo Schnell informed the young audience about the company’s history and milestones.

The next day, from 5 to 7 September 2018, the new trainees and students were already off to the first milestone event of the KERN-LIEBERS training period: the so-called “Industrial Pedagogy Seminar” in Weil der Stadt near Stuttgart.

Besides the 50 “freshmen” from Schramberg, 13 trainees of KERN-LIEBERS’ subsidiaries Kurt Meder GmbH (VS-Schwenningen), Saxonia Umformtechnik GmbH (Göppingen), Schweizer GmbH & Co. KG (Reutlingen) and Naplafa (Chemnitz) participated in the event as well.   


Focus on teambuilding

The three-day seminar preliminarily aims at strengthening the team-working skills and allowing the trainees of the different subsidiaries to get to know each other.

This year the group was guided by Mr. Flaig, Mr. Geidel (both KERN-LIEBERS) and
Mr. Gomez (Saxonia GmbH). On the agenda were different training sessions and discussion rounds,
where the young participants could exchange their expectations and strengthen their team-working skills.

Of course there was also lots of fun and action: put together in groups and “armed” with map and compass, the participants for example had to master an orientation run, where the teams had to solve tricky tasks at different stations.

At the joint barbecue the new trainees and students had the chance to meet and talk to HR Manager Martin Hofferberth, training manager Andreas Bitzer, commercial trainer Julia Baumeister, Fred Zehnder and Josef Fuderer (chairman and member of the workers’ council), as well as two of the youth representatives Markus Zahn and Phillip Hoch.


A broad range of opportunities for graduate

KERN-LIEBERS offers 16 different training and study programs – six of them being technical trainings, three commercial trainings and seven study programs at the
Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW).

The high quality of professional education is known well beyond the company’s borders and confirmed each year by the top grades reached by KERN-LIEBERS graduates in their final exams.

KERN-LIEBERS also regularly offers refugees the chance to take first steps in professional life.
Currently, two young refugees complete their professional education in Schramberg.